Best Free Link Cloaker Plugin for WordPress

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Free Link Cloaking Plugins – there are so many of them. But they are never as good as the premium ones. Well, that’s why they are always free.Now, everyone knows how important is link cloaking. I also use the free ones (i can’t pay for them) but they lack some premium features. After searching for a long time, i have finally found the best link cloaking plugin that is free.Affiliate Link Cloaker – the plugin that you need to mask your links. The unique feature of this is plugin that it can geo-target your cloaked affiliate links. For example, you generate a cloaked link like then the visitors from the USA after clicking the link will get redirected to, visitors from the UK sent to and so link cloakerIn addition to this, these cloaked links can be automatically inserted into blog content. Keywords or phrases can be set to be changed to no follow links that open in a new window so that visitors are not taken away from your link cloakerPlugin Features :Note : Region Detect Plugin is required to geo-target your links.Download Affiliate Link CloakerSo, that’s it. I am using this plugin and I am am very satisfied with it. This plugin is very new so expect more features to come. And don’t forget to share what you use?


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