PasteBin to Share Large Amount of Text For Programmers and More

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Programmers who want to share their code that is open source and unique, with other developers should use PasteBin instead of transferring files to the other developers. is a site that allows one to store any text for a determined amount of time. As I already stated – it is mostly used by programmers to exchange/share and store the work they have done in source code online. It was started with programmers in mind but other regular web users not into programming have since found and made use of the site. They can store text of any kind at allows one to sign in as “guest” but if you wish to have full control over your storage then you should use the “create an account” option and gain the extra features. Free members can use storage of up to 500kb in text while Pro members can post up to 10 megabytes (mb) of data. has support for syntax highlight/highlighting for almost all languages to make for a clearly understood scripting. FeaturesCheck out Pastebin at rather than sending individually each recepient.


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