Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives To Move To From Google Reader

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As you would have known by now that Google will be shutting down Google Reader on July 1st, 2013. As is the case with most of the Google products, Google Reader has a huge user base who use it regularly to stay updated with their favorite news from different websites and blogs. I have been using Google Reader for a couple of years now and am really sad to see Google Reader going.† So, I have started looking for a better alternative to Google Reader. I am only listing those that I have tried personally and all of them are web based like Google Reader.But first, I would like you to export your Google Reader subscriptions to your PC so that you can import them to another feed reader of your choice.Feedly - Google Reader ALternativeThis one is my personal favorite and I am now using it. They have built their own clone of Google API so you can just sign in using your Google Reader account and your subscriptions will be synced to your Feedly account. That means you don’t need to do export-import of any kind. Feedly works as a web app and for that you will need to install their add-on in your browser. After installing, a transparent Feedly icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the browser if there is any feed available for subscription when you visit a website.They also have apps for iOS and Android smartphones. There are so many options to customize the look of the web app. For now, they are the best alternative to Google Reader.Feedspot - Google Reader AlternativeFeedspot is a really simple web based feed reader. It looks like the Facebook of old so you will feel a bit familiar with the user interface. They also allow you to use your Google account to import subscriptions from Google Reader. Registration is required to use their service but it’s quite a simple process. They don’t have applications for mobile devices but do have extensions for web browsers.NewsBlur - Google reader alternative NewsBlur is quite new as a RSS reader. They present you with an interface that you would find on a PC software and is similar to feed daemon RSS reader. You can import your subscriptions from Google Reader just in a couple of clicks. They have lots of features and most noticeable is the text view of RSS feed in which you can just read the news just like in a book without any image distractions. You can also share stories with your friends and if you want to view the article just as it appears on the original site then you can do so too without leaving NewsBlur.NewsBlur has iOS and Android apps too but the only reason I didn’t choose them as my favorite because the user interface is a bit complex, a bit like a software, doesn’t feel like you are using it in your web browser. You are also limited to 12 sites on free account and premium subscription costs $24 per year.FeedBooster - Google Reader AlternativeFeedBooster is a classic web-based feed reader. By classic, I mean, you won’t find it very attractive and modern looking but it does the work. It is quite simple to use and arranges the feeds based on categories, there are some predefined ones to get you started. The dashboard is easily customizable and you can share the feeds on social networks right from the dashboard.There are many options to filter your selected feeds such as tags, categories and dates. FeedBooster too allows to import feeds from the Google Reader by signing into your Google account or bu uploading the subscription file.The Old Reader - Google Reader alternativeIf the classic user interface of FeedBooster does not work for you then you can always go back to the Google Reader of old times. Well, not quite the Google Reader but very similar to it is The Old Reader. The layout is very similar to old Google Reader and also uses the same shortcut keys. You can sign in using your Google account but to import feed subscriptions you will have to use the OPML file exported from Google Reader. The Old Reader is quite popular for its simplicity and that’s why their servers get a bit slow.There you have it, the 5 alternatives to Google Reader. Which one are you using or going to use?Also, there are many users using feed readers on a daily basis to stay updated with latest news from their favorite websites/blogs but there are also some who use it excessively. I mean, some users just subscribe to every feed they find but doesn’t have time to explore them. It’s better to just subscribe to those feeds that you mostly read. On other sites, you can occasionally visit and explore the feeds.


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