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You are surfing the web and suddenly, you find something worth sharing i.e. a link or a picture. Now, you copy the link then send it via email. Or you will use any web-based SMS service. It’s a long process and it works. But what about sending an image? You will email it, right? Even i used to do that, not now. Now, i use TextMe.share web content using SMSTextMe is a web app that lets you send personalized SMS to your friends. It also allows to send any text or picture from the web to any mobile via SMS directly from the webpage. You don’t need to download any picture and go through the long, frustrating process of sending email. TextMe does it all from the same browser window in a matter of seconds.To start sharing content, visit TextMe. To let TextMe work in your browser, you will have to install the browser extension by clicking on the Get TextMe button. For first time, it will ask you to verify your mobile number. After your number is verified, you can share any content i.e. Text or picture, using the TextMe extension. Or you can right click on the content you want to share and select the TextMe option. A new browser tab will open, enter the mobile number of receiver and you are done. You can even share videos with your friends.TextMe is only available in India.TextMe extension is available for all the major web browsers. It has already been used more than 5 million times.Now, it’s time for you to share your thoughts about this service. If you are from India and do regular web surfing then it could be really useful. Give it a try.


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