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Sometimes it gets hard to find images to use on your blog, mostly because they are copyrighted. And you can’t use others’ copyright content on your blog.I also had this issue in the starting of this blog. But now I know a website where i can get copyright-free images for free. Anyways, I usually reviews various websites here so i just take some screenshots and done. But for other niches this doesn’t work.Stock.XCHNG is an online community where many users provide their images to be used by others in any way and in return, you give them credit (optional).royalty free imagesYou can browse through categories containing over 350,000 quality stock photos by more than 30,000 photographers. You can use them as you want.royalty free imagesFeaturesSo, if you need an image to implement on your blog or want them for commercial use, visit Stock.XCHNG @


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