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Nowadays, many bloggers and webmasters use screenshots of websites and software to guide their viewers. And most of them use software to take screenshots of running software and website pages.Site2Pic is an online screenshot generator service for websites. Site2Pic is one of the best when it comes to taking online screenshots of website pages in least amount of time. And it is also free to use. No need to install any software, no addon and no email required. Just visit Site2Pic and enter the URL of webpage you want a screenshot of, then click on Get Image button. Just within a second, you will get the screenshot of the webpage you requested. Now, you can save the screenshot to use on your screenshot generatorSite2Pic also allows you to share the generated screenshot on some of the popular social networking sites. And if you want, copy the unique image URL and share it manually later.The drawback of this tool is that it can not capture any particularly specified region of the webpage, it captures the whole page. And of course, it can not be used offline to take screenshots of software.Check out Site2Pic @ and generate screenshots of webpages on the move.


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