Simple Present – Group Discussion for Gift

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It’s very frustrating when you are unable to decide a birthday gift for your friend and you don’t have time.I have been in this situation many a times and recently two days ago. It was my friend’s birthday. I was just not able to decide what to gift him and then internet comes to the rescue. I found a website called ” Simple Present “ Gifting SimplifiedOn this site, you can interact with your other friends and organize a group discussion to easily decide a gift. And best of all, you don’t need to signup or pay anything for it.SimplePresent IdeasThe website is very user-friendly and to get started, visit Simple Present and then enter your friends name. After that Simple Present will give you a unique URL and you just need to share it with your friends. Anyone who visits that URL can leave their suggestions for a gift. With each suggestion, they will leave a name, link and price of the gift. Your friends can also vote on existing gift suggestions and indicate the amount they are willing to pay for the present.You can also set a time limit to make the final decision.Features :* A user-friendly web service* Helps buy presents for friends* Lets you interact with other friends to get gift suggestions and contributions* Lets friends vote on presentsCheck out SimplePresent @ And Happy Birthday to every Birthday Boy/Girl.


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