Move your Photos from Flickr and Picasa to Facebook

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Now, you can easily move your photos from Flickr and Picasa to Facebook. An Indian startup Goyaka has developed a tool to do this for to facebookI know that Flickr provides an option to automatically post photos to your Facebook Timeline. But it does not always work. Also, what will you do when you want to share an old album with your Facebook friends? You will share the link of the album. But, if the album is available on Facebook itself, your friends will not have to go out of the Facebook environment which is more convenient. That are many other reasons for one to transfer his/her photos to Facebook:It also depends on individual taste. So, if you want to move your photos to Facebook then you can use UnifyPhotos. This tool is developed by Goyaka and does the work in 3 simple steps.1. Login into Facebook: Login into the Facebook account you want to import photos into.2. Login to Flickr/Picasa: Login into your Flickr or Picasa account.3. Move photos: Now, select what photos and albums you want to export.After all this, your selected albums and photos will br migrated to your Facebook account. They will be organised in separate albums as in Flickr/Picasa. Also, the privacy settings for the photos and albums is set to Private by default. So, you can start sharing your photos when you want.Also read:Don’t let Facebook access what you postRemember that if you have a huge collection of photos and albums, it might take some time to load all of them. It is quite fast though.I am not encouraging you to move your photos to Facebook. My sole purpose is to share this tool with you.Check out UnifyPhotos @


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