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You may have seen a sudden increase in the number of emails getting caught in spam folder of your email account. The reason is the internet. We often leave our email addresses in plain text on forums, in blog comments or on Twitter and† Facebook. May be you subscribed to the RSS feed of a spam website or blog. Spam robots continually scan these websites to find and collect email ids. And then spammers start sending you emails which fills your inbox and mostly your spam folder.I have been a victim of them too and I couldn’t bear them anymore. That’s when i came across, an email encryption service. Yes, encryption is the way-to-go against these email harvester or spam bots wandering around on Internet. converts your email id into a short link so you can share it with anyone without getting caught by spam-bots. You can use the short link on blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook. If there is anyone willing to email you will visit the URL and pass a captcha test that bots can’t email encryptUsing is really simple. Just visit and enter your email address in field provided. Now, choose your own URL suffix like Then click on the Protect my email button. On the next page, you will see confirmation with the short URL. Now, feel free to use it anywhere on the internet.You can also change the URL later on without changing the email id or vice verse. Leaving your email as plain text in forums, on Twitter or on classified sites makes you an easy spam target. So, instead use the URL rather than your email id in plain text.And let us know what you think about this service. Have you used any other email encryption service? Share it all.


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