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 Drive free traffic to blog
Traffic that is Free!
Everyone’s biggest dream as a blog writer is to gain as much readers as possible, to rank as good as possible on Google and eventually be first on the search list. I think we can all agree that we all love free traffic without penalties by Google, but we need to take some actions to gain this kind of free traffic to our website. I will assume that your website is already up and running and that you don’t have any organic traffic so far. So, how can you get traffic to it? We need to take a few steps to get noticed by potential readers and other writters. There are 2 strategies. One is a long-term plan and other is short-term, but you should use both to get visitors. Let’s begin:
1) Quality content:
The most important part of your blog is content and there is no doubt about that. It should be well written with perfect grammar, organized as best as possible and easy to read. I also think articles shouldn’t be too long because they might get boring to users.
2) List from other websites (not paid ones):
When someone links their website or article to your blog, it definitely has a positive effect because Google considers your website trustworthy and safe.
3) Social Media presence:
It’s very impostant to harness the power of social media because it’s one of the most powerful tools for attracting visitors. You should really join every network you can to increase your popularity.
4) Be generious and comment on other blogs:
It’s a very good idea to interact with readers on other articles as well as yours. Be positive and informative about the topic. It’s a bit slow way of getting visitors, but if you perform well at this it will help you with long-term results. Remember to add your name and blog url in the comments.
5) Link your blog article with other blogs:
Link your blog article with other writer’s posts and in return you will probably get them to do the same thing.
6) Write for other open blogs:
Another great source of traffic is writing as a guest on open to public blogs because usually those kind of blogs have a large amount of visitors and you can redirect some of them to your articles by putting some links. However make sure your guest articles are interesting to people so they would want to read more from you.
7) Setting us your email signature
It’s a great idea to put your blog url to your email signature because people do actually look at info in signatures so you will get some extra visitors.
Again, when you accuire readers, the most important thing is content because that is the thing which makes them come back for more.
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