[How to] Add Pin It Button to Your Facebook Pages

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Pinterest is really emerging as a fierce competitor to Facebook in social media. Pinterest is growing fast and there are users who use both. It’s very time consuming to share same content on both social networks at the same time. Fortunately, Pinterest provides an option to share your pins on Facebook right from the Pin it screen. But Facebook doesn’t and may be would not, that would be accepting its defeat. So, here comes Pinvolve, a Facebook app.There are many users who operate several pages on Facebook and it is really annoying to share content on both Pinterest and Facebook 1-by-1. Pinvolve tries to solve this time-consuming problem. It adds the Pin It button to your Facebook page so you can share your stuff on Pinterest without visiting Pinterest.Pinvolve facebook pinterestTo add the Pin It button to your Facebook page, visit the Pinvolve app on Facebook. Now, click on the Add to My Page on top of the page. If you own more than one page, select the one you want. It will add a new tab named Pinvolve to your Facebook page. This page will show the recent shared content.This app is really handy for webmasters and blog owners sharing their blog posts on both networks. Check out Pinvolve on Facebook and let us know what you think of it.


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