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You just can’t imagine a blog without visitors. There is no meaning of any blog without any visitors. So, it’s very important for your blog to have visitors to visit and read articles on the blog.It’s fairly achievable to have people visit your blog but turning them into loyal visitors is a bit tricky. You will have to be consistent with your blog posts, write quality content that interests people. But sometimes, you need more than quality posts to keep people visiting your blog. That’s where PunchTab will help you in building a relation between you, your blog and your blog visitors.PunchTab SignupPunchTab is the worldís first instant loyalty platform that allows website owners, application developers and brands to create a social and mobile-enabled loyalty program for free in minutes.You have two options after signing up with the service. The first one is setting up a loyalty marketing program, and the second one is running a one time giveaway.1. Loyalty Marketing ProgramA loyalty program that you can use to encourage your users to visit every day. They will get points for sharing your content on social networks and for leaving comments. You can also define your own tasks for users to complete to get points. Users will earn points on daily basis and will be able to redeem points for prizes in the customizable loyalty catalog.PunchTab Giveaway2. Giveaway ProgramIn this, you will hold a one-time giveaway that encourages your blog visitors to spread the word about your site in exchange for entries into a prize raffle.You can giveaway anything in the giveaway like eBooks, t-shirts, gift cards, mugs, etc. By default, PunchTab provides their own reward catalog to chose a reward with the help of their partners.I think that if you are serious in blogging, you should consider using methods like PunchTab to build your loyal visitors. What do you think? Do you have any other ideas on how to keep them coming back for more? If so, please share your opinions using the comments below. Those ideas might help me!


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