Generate Fonts from Your Handwriting with YourFonts

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Now, you can create a font from your own handwriting without any software and use them anywhere.YourFonts is a web service that allows you to generate custom OpenType fonts using your own handwriting. You can create as many fonts as you like and then use them on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.Create Fonts using HandwritingTo start creating fonts, visit YourFonts and print the templates provided. Now, write characters on those templates in your handwriting using black marker. After drawing all the characters you want, you will have to scan and save the templates.Create Fonts using HandwritingIn the next step, give your font a name and upload the scanned template file. The next page will show you a preivew of all the character you wrote on the template.Now, if you are satisfied with your handwriting and the generated fonts, you can download them by paying a fee of $9.95 (for one template) with copyright to use or sell them.Features:To create fonts in your own handwriting, visit YourFonts @


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