Free 10 GB Cloud Storage with Minus

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There are already Google Docs, Dropbox, Windows Live SkyDrive and others which offer cloud storage and file sharing services for free. Now, you can add another online storage and file sharing service – Minus. Minus provides an attractive enough 10 GB storage space on signup; Dropbox, huh. And the file size limit is 2 GB which is enough for everyone.Minus Cloud Storage
Minus allows you to signup using your Facebook and Twitter credentials; apart from the normal signup form. After the registration, you will see your dashboard and start uploading files right away by drag-drop feature or by clicking the orange-colored Upload button at the top-left. You can also categorize the files as Public and Private.Minus is platform independent and is available as a desktop app for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu, a mobile app for the iPhone and Android, and a
Chrome and Firefox browser extension. Unfortunately, Minus apps don’t have the syncing feature so you will have to drag and drop desired files on the tray icon of Minus app. Another feature of Minus desktop app is that you can take screenshots. Screenshots captured will be automatically uploaded to your Minus gallery.
Minus for WindowsMinus for MacMinus for UbuntuMinus also provides browser extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome, though they are not that as productive and feature-packed as the desktop apps.Minus Cloud StorageYou can also upload and share files on your Android device and iPhone using the mobile apps.Minus Cloud StorageMinus for AndroidMinus for iPhoneFeatures of MinusMinus is not as good as Dropbox and others when it comes to user-friendliness. The file management system is unique but odd and will take time to get used to. Unlike Dropbox that acts as an online drive and shows every file of your PC (when synced), Minus is just limited to uploading files by drag and drop and then sharing. Still it is a good option for storing selected photos, videos and PDFs in the 10 GB space.


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