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Majority of people these days carry CVs and resumes with them to show their experience to companies offering jobs on the basis of online work. Enthuse.me, a new startup, is trying to ease this workload on you. Enthuse.me is an online profile creator which shows all your online work experience on a single page with a professional layout. This helps in expanding your reach online as well as building your brand.Enthuse.meEnthuse.me is for everyone, from professionals to job seekers. To create your own enthuse.me page like enthuse.me/asifnkhan,† of course you are required to sign up, select any social media service from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or sign up using your email. Sign up using any of the social media account makes the task easier by filling your name and email address in the form automatically, it also auto-connects that account to your enthuse.me account which you will be doing anyway. Now, all you have to do is select a recognizable username and go through the sign up process.The next page you will see, is your own profile page where you will showcase your expertise. You can now edit each and every part of the page, start with uploading a picture of yourself and a short bio about your professional life. Below your bio, there are options to add your location, website and contact email address.Enthuse.me Profile PageNow comes the most creative and most unique part of the enthuse.me. You can add different modules like your Twitter account, LinkedIn account, the current projects you are working on, many others. The best part is you get to select which one to show and what work to include, no compulsion like you have to connect your LinkedIn account or put your current project on the page. There is also an insights module where you can share your experience in your expert field and start a discussion, it is quite similar to how we write an article. You can also add your past projects that you worked on and links to your projects.If you are a writer, there are modules to list blog posts from your Blogger and Tumblr blogs. There are few other modules such as Slideshare module to show a presentation from Slideshare on the page , module to show Klout score, YouTube and Vimeo modules to add videos, etc. For professionals who have great contacts can also invite or add 5 experts in their fields to share views with them. This makes it easier to stay in touch with your seniors or inspirations.Enthuse.me is still in Beta so more features are expected in near future. For now, I loved what they have offered. Enthuse.me concentrates on your professional life instead of personal. You can pick a module of your liking and display the info, there is no compulsion. And as I stated earlier, you can share your original thoughts using the insights module which I have not noticed with other services.Give Enthuse.me a try and I am sure that it won’t disappoint you.


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