GZIP Compression to your WordPress Site Enable It To Increase Speed Load

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GZIP Compression a helpful technique for making your site faster . Compression using GZIP results in compressed pages being sent to the Browser from the Server in compressed form and makes the website speedier than previous.
When GZIP Compression is enabled on your Website, it will load speedier than previously and use less bandwidth then previously.
Resulting in that when the server sends Pages to the Browser, it sends the whole Web Page, full size, may how much there are same lines of strings in it. The browser takes times to receive Web Pages. If it is a simple HTML file with lots of text it probably has many repeated texts in it such as HTML TAGS.
After applying GZIP Compression to your site, your Server sends the browser Web Pages in compressed format and reduces the size of Web Pages sent. The browser receives the data in compressed format and the browser uncompresses the data before showing the page to your visitors.
The Web Pages are received in a ZIP format like page.html.zip and the size received is less so it saves more bandwidth and time.
View the video below from Google Developers for more clarification on GZIP Compression.


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