Create Fake Facebook Walls with The Wall Machine

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Many people create fake profiles on Facebook, to criticize someone or most of the times, just for fun. It’s easy to create a fake profile on Facebook but it demands a lot of time to keep it updated. If you want to play pranks on your friends but doesn’t want to create a Facebook profile, you can use The Wall Machine.The Wall Machine is a great web app that lets you create fake Facebook walls with all the features of Facebook. You can make wall posts like status updates, friend notifications, photo posts, etc. Every single thing on these walls can be customized.fake facebook wallYou can upload profile pictures and edit status updates. You can also edit the names of poster and commentors. You can edit the name of the person who likes and share the post. There is nothing that you can’t edit on those fake walls.fake facebook wallThe Wall Machine also provides a unique URL for each fake wall post. So, you can share those wall posts on your real Facebook wall or on other social networks. All these walls carry a Fake Wall stamp so your friends will know that it’s fake.fake facebook wallIf you don’t want that stamp, you can take screenshot of the wall, edit it and then share it with your friends. If your fake wall post gets popular and recieves a lot of visits, it will be featured under the ‘Trending Walls’ section on the homepage.fake facebook wallThe Wall Machine is great for those who wants to have fun and share some lite jokes with their friends. Don’t use it to hurt someone’s feelings.Check out The Wall Machine @ and share you fake Facebook walls in the comments section.


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