Create an Android App for Your Blog and Monetize it

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Extend your reach as a blogger by creating an Android app for your blog. Android is the most popular and widely used mobile platform these days, it’s easy to increase your blog’s following among Android users.I have already covered about creating an iOS app of your blog and now it’s time for the Android app. While publishing the app on Apple’s iTunes store is costly, publishing your app on Android Market is free. That’s why, most of the bloggers, newbies or pros, prefers Android. You also don’t need to hire any programmer unless you want to make something unique.AppsGeyser is a webapp that lets you convert your blog content into an Android application. You can also publish your app on Android Market, requires approval, and if it gets popular you can monetize it too. However, AppsGeyser will take a part of your earnings, only if you earn some.To get started, visit AppsGeyser and click on Create App link.AppsGeyserOn the next page, select the option that says Mobile Website from the two choices given.AppsGeyserOn the following page, you are required to fill the fields like your blog address, app name, description and category of the blog. You can also upload a custom icon for your blog’s app; this icon will appear on the devices that installed your app. After completing all the fields, click on Create button.Now, you will be asked to register to access the dashboard. On the next page, you will see a preview of your app running on an Android device. From the same page, You can edit the app if you want and add additional elements to the app. Finally, your blog’s app is complete.AppGeyser  You can start distributing your App right away: post it in AppsGeyser gallery or Android Market, Amazon App Store and other markets.
And if your app gets popular, you can monetize it with the AppsGeyser reward program.So, if you were thinking to develop an Android app for your blog then visit AppsGeyser @ It’s time you start it.


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