CL1P – The Internet Clipboard

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Cl1P is a web based service that allows you to share texts or words using the URLs. You don’t need to upload any text file or anything.At CL1P, you will be presented with a very simple and easy to use interface. It works like a clipboard for you and your friends. Two people can simultaneously edit the same document, not in real-time. CL1P will provide you a text box to enter any data (HTML allowed) and lets you share it with others with just a URL.Internet ClipboardTo get started, you will have to enter a unique name or anything for your CL1P URL in the box provided. It will look like where xyz is the text you entered. After that click on ” Get my CL1P” button. It will lead you to an online editor in which you can enter text. Then save it and share the URL with others. Now, after visiting your URL, they will also find the text editor and your data in it and they can edit it if they want.Internet Online ClipboardFeaturesI have used this service and it looks pretty handy to me, mostly when you’re on the go. Just enter your message and share the link with your friends so they can edit it too. What do you think?


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