BloApp: Create an iOS App for your Blog

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Checking emails on the smartphones has now become a trend and you can’t think of smartphones without internet.If you are also a smartphone user then you might be among those who use internet on a daily basis. And if you are a blogger, it would be really helpfull for your site visitors to have a particular application so that they can view latest updates of your sites on the go. A tool that lets you easily create an app for your site is BloApp.BloApp - Create iOS AppBloApp is a user-friendly webapp with easy to use interface and it lets you create an iOS app of your blog with a few clicks.To get started, visit BloApp and then signup. After successful signup, you can add your blog/website url in the control panel to create an app. BloApp lets you add as many sites as you can.BloApp iPhone App creatorApart from WordPress, BloApp also supports other blogging platforms like Blogspot, Tumblr, Weebly, Blogdrive and Tripod.Features Check out BloApp @ 25, 2011UPDATENow, they also support Android platform. So, go ahead and follow your blog right on your Android smartphones.Also read:
Create an Android App for your blogApril 23, 2012BloApp now also supports comment pulling. So, it’s got better now. Check the comment below in comment section by BloApp personnel.


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