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Hundreds of tricks and tips exist for the iphone smart cellphone and the ipad tablet keyboard. We will attempt to keep you up dated and informed about these two technologies and more. Find new tricks and tips information that are new and helpful at our web site http://www.hw3-llc.com/ which is your “Technology Place On The Web – A Guide To New Tech”

Smart Quotes

  1. Smart Quotes






A  wonderfully useful of member of tips and tricks for the iphone and ipad keyboards is that you can type “normal” quotes or type “Dumb quotes with the regular keyboard. One can punch in /type “Smart Quotes” by with a press of the curved variants of quotation marks.

iPad Key Hidden in Split mode




In Split Keyboard extra space exists left at the inner extremes of the two keyboards. The space keeps additonal/extra keys in accordance to the Qwerty layout


Hundreds of tricks and tips exist for the iPad and iPhone keyboard. We try our best to update you on the latest information concerning this  technology. Alway you can find helpful new tricks and tips at our website http://www.hw3-llc.com/ which is your “Guide to Technology  Every Day”.

Smart Quotes

Smart Quotes

A most beneficial and useful of our tricks and tips. The user can type noraml quotes or “Dumb Quotes” with use of the key on a normal keyboard. One can type “Smart Quotes” with a press of “curved variants” of the quotation marks.

iPad Hidden Key in Split mode

Hidden Keys in Split mode iPad

In the split keyboard, there is some extra space left at the inner extremes of both keyboards. That space keep extra keys according to the QWERTY layout.



Shortcuts on the keyboard are at the heart and core of the tricks and tips. Some keyboard shortcuts save a lot of time and ease typing inceasing accuracy and shortening the time used. Using a shortcut which expands to the full wanted text that you frequently type is a big time saver.

lol for laugh out loud for example

@@ for one’s email address for example

The user can place additional shorcuts as per their choice and want of ease.

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts

Here is where one finds the shortcuts already on your devices keystroke board ( keyboard). To make an addition press “+” on the right. Type full text in the “phrase” section/field and keystroke/type
desired shortcut in the field below.

Special/accented characters


Special-Characters (2)


Since we are in discussion about tricks and tips, it will always save
time or cost or both. If you press and hold the $ key, a large list of
alternate currency symbols will open.

One may make use of the same tip to insert alot of other symbols as
well, such as inverted exclamation, longer hyphens, accented
characters and more, by tapping and holding the corresponding keys.

Enable or Disable Auto-Capitalization Auto-Correct, and other
nuisances annoyances, Enable or Disable them as you wish.

Tricks and Tips can help you get rid of some nuisance situations. if
auto capitalization or auto corrections annoys the user, it is easy
for them to disable and re enable the desired result later when it’s
wanted back.

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard and disable the “Auto- Capitalization” switch. You can also disable “Auto-Correction”, Enable Caps Lock or Check Spelling in the case of not desiring or requiring

Web Addresses, Quick Type


To further speed up your entries of commonly used domain name extensions of web urls in Safari, give a few seconds tap ( long tap) to the “.” key to obtain a extensions list, included are ones specific to your country and region. Such as .us, .com, .net, .org, .in, .mn




Another very useful trick and tip that is probably one of the more useful mentioned but is often missed by users. Most users usually tap the “123″ key to bring up and view the list of numbers and symbols they wish to pick from. Once this is done often the user taps on the “ABC” key to return once more to teh alphabet keyboard. The user can instead do this.. by tapping and holding the “123″ key. The result will be that the symbols keyboard from where the punctuation mark you need will come up. Once you choose the symbol the user wants to add just release your finger, iOS will return back to the alphabet keyboard automatically.


International Keyboards




Do you want to the use of different languages? very easy to do. You just setup an international keyboard

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards to add a new language to your active keyboards list. Once done, you simply have to tap on the globe icon on the keyboard to switch to another language.After you perform this action you just have to tap on the globe icon which will change to another language.

Change the Font in Notes



At times you may feel helpless because you can’t get done what you wish to get done because of some obstacle in your way. Tricks and Tips can help rid you of these obstacles. The fallback / default font setting for the iphone’s “notes” app is called “Marker”. There exists a different method that will enable you to write your notes in the more classy ( to some ) Helvetica. Simple to do you just add a special symbol based international keyboard ( Japanese, Chinese and Korean all worked during our testing for ourselves) then when your next in “notes” in iphone smart phone change the language ( use the globe key/button), type what ever you wish and then change it back to English.


Deleting Text Quickly



The Tricks and tips we show you in the article actually contain some characteristics that normally are ignored by us. All of us have done it, while tapping away on the iphone keyboard while our minds wonder on other things; we suddenly come to the realization that the last sentence was a nonsensical mess. So what do you do? Usually one holds down the delete key while cursing the wasted time, but there is actually a more enjoyable and therapeutic way of completing the deletion you wish. Simple to do the following. Shake the handset and
up pops a message asking you if you want to “cancel” or “undo typing”.
Tap “undo” and the nonsensical mess you typed will be gone forever.

Character Counting in Messages



The actual size of your SMS can be of importance at times because because alot of cell phone service providers charge extra for SMS.
Our Tricks and tips can help you save money. The user can setup “character count” and this is how – go to the “settings” menu and select “messages”, then slide the “character count toggle switch to “on”. The count of characters will now appear on the right side starting with the first line you type.

Add Proper Names to the Dictionary




If you wish to add a word just go to your “settings”, then “general”, then “keyboard”, then punch the “Edit User Dictionary” and tap the plus icon located at the top right to enter your word. The word will be listed then alphabetically and you can edit it or delete it as necessary.

Sentence-Stopping Shortcut

Sentence Stopping

Your probably already using this tip because it’s enabled by default on the product. It does seriously up the speed of one’s typing. But lets confirm that it is active.

go to “Settings,” then “General,” then “Keyboard,” then make sure the toggles next to the “Auto-Capitalization” option and the fourth option down — “.” Shortcuts — are set to the “On” position.


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