5 Giveaway Tools to Host Giveaways on Your Website

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Giveaways are a great way to gain exposure and make your blog go viral in the internet world. A decent giveaway can transform a website from Unknown to Popular within few days or weeks. Webmasters these days are using giveaways very effectively as everyone loves freebies and doing some online sharing and liking for an expensive product is almost negligible.Bloggers use different tools to host giveaways on their blogs and websites. These tools help them in managing the giveaways more easily and effectively. There are many popular services and tools that can be used to host giveaways. Today we list the five most popular giveaway tools used by website owners.1. PunchTab
The most popular tool that is used by millions of bloggers and webmasters today is PunchTab. PunchTab is also world’s first ever instant loyalty program rewarding users on perform some minor tasks on websites. PunchTab giveaway platform makes sure that your website will go viral, provided you are giving away something that is really in demand. Participants are rewarded points for sharing the giveaway on social networks. You can provide users with different tasks to earn points.Image courtesy: PunchTab.comThe most tempting part, which makes sure the participants really do share the giveaway publicly, is the referral program. PunchTab generates a unique link for each participant and if someone visits the giveaway using that link, the participant is rewarded with extra points. PunchTab is very easy to setup and you can use it on any website, blog or even a Facebook page.2. RafflecopterRafflecopter is another tool that has gained popularity quite quickly. It is very easy to setup and can be embedded almost everywhere on the web. You can even run the same giveaway on different blogs or Facebook pages and all the entries are collected at one place. This is a great feature for those bloggers who like to co-host the giveaway with others. Just like PunchTab, you can also ask your readers to perform any online task to gain points using Rafflecopter giveaway tool.Image courtesy: Techquark.comRafflecopter also offers the referral program to gain points but it’s only available under business plan unlike PunchTab where it is free. You can do all sort of online tasks using Rafflecopter using the advanced options available.3. Giveaway ToolsGiveaway Tools is one of the simplest giveaway tool you will find. It is great for bloggers who do not want to use the premium features of PunchTab or Rafflecopter and just need a giveaway management tool. Despite being simplistic, it can perform all the tasks that PunchTab or Rafflecopter will do.Image Courtesy: GiveawayTools.comIt looks just like a normal signup form and can be installed on any page supporting HTML. It is still in Beta and open for further development, hence it is free too. There are no extra features that you need to pay for, it has already got most of them. If you are looking for a simple and sophisticated tool to manage giveaway on your blog then consider trying Giveaway Tools.4. PromoSimplePromoSimple is something I would recommend you to try once if you decide not to use. Opposite to their name, PromoSimple, they are very advanced in terms of generating code for giveaway widget. You can customize the widget to make it unique from any other giveaway tool. As you will notice, the design and user-interface of each giveaway tool looks same. Whereas PromoSimple helps you to be customize the widget by adding banners, changing colors and layouts.Image Courtesy: PromoSimple.comWith that, it also has the usual features of social sharing and subscriptions. Once your giveaway is setup, you can add the giveaway widget to any Facebook page you own and to any blog or website. PromoSimple also helps you gain more followers and participants for your giveaway by promoting the giveaway within their network.5. Sponsored GiveawaysSponsored Giveaways comes with a different concept i.e. bring sponsors and bloggers under one roof. Sponsored Giveaways helps you find sponsors if you want to host giveaways on your blog. However, it does not mean that you will find sponsors for your blog; it depends on the sponsors if they find your blog suitable for the giveaway.Image Courtesy: HellBoundBloggers.comJust as every other giveaway tool mentioned above, it manages the giveaway on its own. Once you find a sponsor, just use the provided widget code on your site and the giveaway will be live on your site. Sponsored Giveaway only works for blog/websites and Facebook pages. For those who are struggling to find sponsors for giveaways on their blogs can try Sponsored Giveaways.The above five giveaways tools really make it easier for bloggers to organize giveaways on their blogs. These tools also help them to concentrate more on their work rather than the giveaways. If you are thinking about hosting a giveaway on your blog then you do not need to look any further, just select one giveaway tool that suits your needs and you are ready.No related posts.


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