Top 10 Websites to Calculate Your Website Worth

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During your time on the web you may have considered buying a website that is already in existence in an attempt to make money either via sales to existing customers or income from google adsense. So at some point or another in time all of us have wondered to does one determine the worth or value of a blog or website. It’s an easier process to know the value / Worth of one’s own website because you as the owner have insight into the actual statitical pages and know to a certainly how many unique hits the website gets per day as well as how many pageviews it has per day.Also as the owner webmaster you know what the democraphics are. Anyone who owns a website and uses adsense knows that usually clicks on ads that originate from the United States are usually the highest paying.

In difference if one wants to know how much FacebookGoogleTwitterPinterestInstagram as well as other websites are worth. It’s much more difficult to estimate the value of these sites because one does not have access to the absolute statistics ( uniques , pageviews, demographics) as the owner of these websites do. And of course if you were to ask the owner these questions the chances are small you were get accurate information. And even the statistical information would not give you an absolute value. Take the value of instagram for instance, it currently has no income yet sold for 1 billion dollars


Best news for coders? they have come up with a solution for help in evalution of worth for websites based on criteria their codes find are readable. The first example is the numbers of people visiting the site per day ( uniques). These websites make use of algorithms for calculation of value for sites you type into there systems. (input value). The human factor of course cannot be accurate accounted for but these sites do a good job of starting off an website worth search. Without further ado, here are: The Top Ten Tools for Calculating Website Value. These services are all free, and you can use them as many times as you want.

Best websites to calculate website worth

website_worth   CuteStatValue.Com is one of the strongest tools out there because it provides much more information than only website worth. It displays the number of backlinks, shows how many pages are indexed by major search engines, how many times a website is mentioned on social media, and how much traffic each website receives. It’s a powerful tool and can help you research competitors’ methods of SEO to tweak your own marketing. also includes an option free to submit your url for free 2000 backlinks. Also Includes is a mass ping your site option that can ping your urls, blogs, websites, so that the search engines find and index your new content Fast!. And lastly the site includes a Submit Your Site To Multiple Search Engines Option – all these services are free and online for you to use now. Hence is tops on our list. An Seo optimization and research tool is also included free. Alot for Free on this one making it number one for webmasters looking to seo their website. Visit website:


toolskitty ToolsKitty had a lot of potential, but the developer never put proper attention into it. It regurns information you can get from other tools, but doesn’t add much value for the researcher. However, it does give you information about how much a website is worth. Unfortunately it doesn’t provide anything else. If you are looking for the WhoIs information for that domain or the name server information there are many other tools that do the same thing and are more user friendly. However, it still calculates the website worth, but I noticed it determines many websites (including this one) to be worth nothing which is kind of frustrating when you know the domain costs at least $10.00, so it’s worth a minimum of that much! Visit website:


siteworthit SiteWorthIt has a great design. It was built using Twitter Bootstrap, but the design is the only thing I really like about the website. It provides information about traffic and website value, but you can’t get much else from it. The prices it returns also seem unrealistically optimistic for sites with very low traffic. It might be good if you are looking to sell such a website, however, it may be a good tool since it will provide a better number than the others. Another check in the “plus” column for this website is its speed. It doesn’t spend time gathering the WhoIs, hosting information, or backlinks and provides a straight number with no bells and whistles. Visit website:


SiteWorthChecker is a great-looking website. It has a clean design and feel to it that match its speed. Results pop up within seconds, and the report is uncluttered and easy to read even for folks who aren’t in the industry. It provides a lot of information, but I have heard there are some problems with the website like not showing backlinks on Google or Bing. I tested this theory with a major site and found thousands of backlinks on Google and Bing for the site, but SiteWorthChecker showed me none. My guess is that this is a temporary coding error and that they will fix it in the near future. The values of websites entered into this calculator strike me as a little too optimistic, but algorithems change from site to site, so I expect the results are trustworthy overall. Visit website:


your_website_value YourWebsiteValue does what it says it will: it provides the value of your website. Unfortunately, this site was made back in 2007, and a fair amount of the site information and code hasn’t been updated since 2010. You can’t expect perfection from a tool that’s more than five years old. Demonstrating this, many sites entered provide a zero value even if they have thousands of unique visitors a month. Confusingly, it does provide decent values for websites of comparable value to the ones it produces a zero for. I don’t really think you should rely on it as your main website stats checker since it’s hit or miss. Hopefully the developer updates the website because it still does get a fair number of visitors. Visit Website:


site_value_calculator   SiteValueCalculator looks like a trainwreck, but it provides nice-looking reports. I’m not sure why the developers haven’t fixed the visual aspects of the website. It also doesn’t provide in-depth information about the website it is evaluating. It does give you basic information like a backlink report, website meta information, and some of the hosting informatio. That said, this is the most optimistic website value calculator I have encountered, so don’t rely on it to evaluate a competitor’s site. Or even your own site. You probably won’t be able to sell a website for the price they quote unless you have a custom-built service of some kind that is worth the money on its own. Visit website:


webutation     Webutation is one of my favorite value calculators out there. It works quickly, has a pleasant design, and provides accurate information. The best feature, in my opinion, is that it has a “social buzz” feature which shows what people are saying about the site via social media or other networks. That said, I’m uncertain I understand their “trust rating” because many sites with no backlinks and no visitors are given perfect scores. That said, it loads well in any browser and is well optimized and easy to understand. Visit website:


freewebsitereport     FreeWebsiteReport is flat out one of the best tools out there. It provides a detailed summary of information about sites including hosting, traffic estimations, valuation, daily income, and domain registration date. The information is presented in an easy-to-understand manner, too, so it doesn’t take long to get what you came here for. The site also stores historic valuation, so you can see how much a site’s value has changed since the last time you checked it. This unique feature is enough to keep me coming back on a regular basis. The only downside to this calculator is the website design. It was launched less than two years ago, but it looks much older. If you can get past the design, however, the site is worth visiting on a regular basis. Visit website:


websitelooker   WebsiteLooker is nothing particularly revolutionary, but it gives solid information and summaries largely taken from It has a nice feel to it and is one of the oldest value calculator websites I know of. I remember using it when I first started building websites and online services. The design has changed a lot since the, but it is nice to see the site is still around and just as strong. I’d be interested to see what other sites this company has built over the years. Visit website:


valueis ValueIs is, by far, the slowest of the websites I’ve mentioned so far, but it does provide results. That said, while you are waiting for your analysis ValuIs provides jokes to entertain you a little. The report is easy to navigate and visually appealing. It offers a WhoIs date, hosting information, and website summary for the site you are searching for. The estimated value is somewhat accurate based on my own websites, but you’re going to need to be patient if you intend on using this service for more than one site. Visit website:


webuka   Webuka delivers good results but looks like it came out of the late eighties or early ninties when the internet was in its infancy. The design is terrible, and the user interface is enough to turn most people off. That said, the results it generates are solid and have realistic results. Visit website: Webuka


valuemyweb ValueMyWeb is somewhat accurate, but requires you to input your email in order to evaluate any website. I found this feature annoying, particularly since ValueMyWeb sent me a huge amout of spam mail as. You can use fake emails, however, and the site seems to accept them. While the information is decent I would avoid this page due to the email spam feature. Visit website: There are many other value tools for analyzing websites, but this should have given you a good cross-section of what’s out there, so you can evaluate sites for yourself and find one that works for you. I strongly recommend using these websites for research only, however. You will never be able to sell your site at the listed prices without the Google Analytics data and a verified income report. That doesn’t make them useless, however. You can get a lot of high quality backlinks from these websites as well as an undersanding of how website worth is estimated and whether or not what you are doing is working.


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