Compare your twitter account with others and how to track it

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To use the Twitter Account tracker, click on the sign in with twitter icon to log in and then authorize the app so it can get your account activity. After signing in you will notice a graph with 2 input boxes for enering the Twitter usenames of the accounts you want to monitor and compare. I compared the account of Barack Obama (@BarrackObama) and Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) and I have the following results in the graph. Track-twitter-account In the picture  we can see that Justin has between 35 million and 40 million followers while Obama has between 30 and 35 million. You can also notice that on 25th of April 2013 Obama had more Followers than Bieber. Underneath there are predictions from which we see that Justin will have 40 million followers in just 14 days from today. Tweet-Counter-top-100 You can get info such as Basic Twitter statistics, Your Retweets, Historical data, PDF reports as well, but these aren’t free. You have to pay minimum $17 per month to get the statistics regulary for your account and for other accounts. Buying more followers is also possible. Try and click on the Notification tab above and click on the account with which you have signed in. You will see your Twitter Health and you can click on Run account check. After that, I can see that for example, I haven’t changed my profile picture for a while, my profile creation date or if my profile is complete with biography, website, location etc. Twitter-counter-sign-in After logging into it, you will see a graph with two input area for entering Twitter usernames of account you want to monitor and compare between them. I compared account of Barack Obama (@BarackObama) and Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) and got the following results in the graph. Twitter-account-compare_crop In the above image we see that Justin Bieber total fans are in range between 35 Million to 40 Million whereas Barack Obama lies in the range of 30 Million to 35 Millions followers. Also notice that on April 25 2013 Barack Obama got more Followers than Justin Bieber. Below you can also see a box captioned Predictions which shows that Bieber will reach 40 Million followers in juts 14 days from now. Justin-Bieber-40-Millions-fans-twitter You also get info such as Basic Twitter stats, Your Retweets, Historical data, PDF Reports but these aren’t free you have to minimum $17/month to get feed regularly for your account and also for other accounts also. You can also buy some followers from them to make your network big. Now click on Notifications tab above and click on your account with which you have logged in. You will see Twitter Health check of your account and click on Run profile check. After clicking on it, I get the report such as I didn’t changed my Profile pic from long time, Account creation date, is my profile complete by seeing Biography, Website, Location, etc. Twitter-health-checkup Check out Twitter Performance button and see your tweets performance, average number of tweets a day, graph of followers and also see recommendations to improve your twitter profile. I simply adore this application which helps me improve my audience for free with lots of recommendations. How much did you like this app? Tell us in the comments down below. You must log in to post a comment.


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