5 Best Apps best for your new windows 10 desktop or laptop

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So, have you bought a new laptop or desktop or upgraded from other OS to Windows?
And now you are confused which app to download from Microsoft app store?
Here are five top apps in 2019 that you should install on your windows pc.

1. VLC Player

Vlc player application on Microsoft App Store
VLC player is a popular open-source media player. That is available for all platform devices from Linux, Mac, Android to Chrome OS and Windows.
On Windows alone it is available for many devices from PCs, mobile phones, to Holo-Lens and Xbox.
It is compatible with all type of media files, so there is no need of downloading additional plugins or codecs.
It will detect all media storage connected to computer and offer to store media libraries on them or copy media files from them to internal storage.
The user-interface is very easy and you’ll get used to it after first run.
It also has lock so that you won’t miss any scene due to any accidental key press.
“The version on Microsoft store doesn’t support Blu-ray and DVD playback”. Besides this it supports everything.
If you want to play Blu-ray or DVD you can download full software free from their official website.
you can download vlc from here

2. Netflix:

Netflix Logo
Who doesn’t know about Streaming-Giant Netflix. Netflix is airing some of the best original top shows.
It also got huge collection of movies in every genre. So your weekends won’t be boring.
Just download Netflix app from Microsoft App Store and start watching your favorite movies or shows with just single click without opening browser.
It has easy to navigate interface with the feature of live tile it displays the artwork of movies and shows that are in your continue watching list.
The best thing is that you can use Cortana to search for Netflix contents in addition to this you can also use Netflix’s inbuilt searching functionality to search for movies and shows
you can download Netflix from here

3. Adobe Photoshop Express:

Adobe Photoshop Express
If you want to fix the exposure crop it or use any other basic editing feature.
This software is the lightweight version designed specifically for simple users for their daily use.
It is a perfect software for editing and best thing is that it won’t affect your system’s performance.
You can download Adobe Photoshop Express from
here .

4. Stream music with Spotify:

Spotify Music app
If you want to hear music, then Spotify app is for you. It is freely available on Microsoft Store and you can enjoy the services without paying any penny.
But if you want to listen ad-free or something to listen offline, or something with better quality you will have to buy premium subscription of $10 a month.
You can have it from here Download app .

5. Xbox App

Xbox for windows 10
If you own an Xbox, then you must download this app.This app come with some unique features like streaming games and movies from your Xbox to PC.The app comes with sharing ability means that you can share game clips and join clubs.It already comes with Windows 10 so no download is needed.
The app has messenger which means you can have chat with your friends or talk to the Xbox live community about anything from latest games topic to calling your friends to join party.
With this app you can record some of the memorable moments of gaming in one place. You can check your achievements and gaming scores achieved on all of your windows 10 devices.
You can download Xbox app from here .

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