Temple Run Now Available for Windows Phone 8

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Finally, there is a good news for Windows Phone 8 users. Temple Run, one of the most addictive games for smartphones is now available Windows Phone 8 users. Earlier it was only available for Android and iOS users. This is really an encouraging news for Windows Phone 8 users who still lack quality apps and games for their smartphones.Temple RunYou might have played Temple Run on an Android smartphone, they all have it. Recently, Temple Run 2 was launched for Android and iOS users so this might be a setback to Windows Phone 8 users. But still, something is better than nothing. This game is also only restricted to Windows Phone 8 users which are quite low in numbers as of now, there are still more Windows Phone 7 users than Windows Phone 8.FeaturesTemple Run for Windows Phone 8Temple Run can be downloaded right from the Windows Phone Marketplace using your phone. You can also download and install Temple Run using your PC by visiting Windows Phone Marketplace on PC. There are mixed reviews after the launch but most of them are positive. Some users are disappointed that they are provided the original Temple Run when Android and iOS users are enjoying Temple Run 2.Number of quality apps has always been the problem for Microsoft and Windows Phone OS since the start. With Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7, they have grabbed the attention of app developers and users to bring new apps to Windows Phone Marketplace, but they still have a long way to catch-up with Android and iOS.


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