Download Skype for Windows Phone 7 Smarphones

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After a long wait, Skype has finally released the stable version of its app for Windows Phone 7. In February, at the Mobile World Congress, Skype showcased the beta version of Skype app for Windows for windows phone 7
Skype for Windows Phone lets you make free video and voice calls with your friends on Skype. You can also send free text messages to your friends. Skype is best for making long distance or international calls. Skype provides one of the cheapest call rates and it can be a good alternative while on international roaming. You can also organize group chats among your friends.Other features of Skype app for Windows Phone 7:skype for windows phone 7 mangoSkype app can be downloaded from Windows Phone Marketplace on your phone or you can visit the link below.Download Skype for Windows Phone 7


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