5 Android Apps to Fool People on April Fools’ Day

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It is always fun to play pranks on friends and what better a day for it than April Fools’ Day. But with† all those old pranks, it’s not easy to fool anyone anymore. So, this time let technology play its part. You can use your smartphone to fool people. How? By using apps. Yes, you can use apps to play pranks on people and make fun of them. Here we are listing 5 apps for Android users which can help you play pranks on others this April Fools’ Day.Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net Ever wondered how will your smartphone screen look if it’s cracked? Install this fun app and find out. You can use it on your smartphone and then show to your friends that your phone’s screen has cracked and it can’ be used or install it on your friend’s phone and run it, he/she will be shocked after looking at it. This app creates sounds and vibration to create a real feel of cracked screen. This prank can be used on those who like to use others’ phone without permission.You know what, I can charge my smartphone using solar energy! Amazed? This will be the expression on your friend’s face when you will tell him. This app can convert your smartphone into a solar battery charger, not really but virtually it will. You can show it off among your friends that your phone has the capability to charge itself using sunlight. This app uses the light sensor of the phone and can even work under light bulbs. The way it works is quite amazing.This app is also used to lock the smartphone. Just install this and scan your fingerprint. Now, lock the screen and ask your friends to unlock the phone. If you have set it up smartly, the phone will not unlock and when you scan your fingerprint, it will unlock itself. There are some tricks and you can even make a smart person fool with this app. Don’t forget to tell your friends that the smartphone screen can not be used as fingerprint scanner.This is quite a unique app in it’s own way. Run this app and give it to your friends or anyone. Whenever that person touches the screen, it will burn exactly at the touch point. The graphics are quite realistic and the only think that might work against this app is that it doesn’t generate smell. For that you can you do something of your own, The Burning Smartphone!!! :D Now use your smartphone app as a lie detector. Tell your friends that your smartphone can catch if someone lies. Ask your friends a question and then use the on screen fingerprint scanner to tell if he/she lied or not. You will need to be someone whom people trust to make full use of this app. Now, go and put your detective glasses on, we have a few cases to solve, Sherlock.There you are, you can download all these apps using Google Play Store. These apps will be your ultimate weapons for this April Fools’ Day. Now it’s upto you how you use these apps. And, if you know any other app then don’t be shy to let us know. Remember that if you lie, I’ll catch ya. ;)


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