10 Apps That Will Re-motivate You as an Entrepreneur

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Starting your journey to set up a business is extremely difficult, but the good news is there’s plenty of help available on your smart phone; apps can motivate you, make you more productive, make communication and networking easier and much more, so invest a little in buying a few of these apps and you won’t regret it!Carrot - A to-do list making appCarrot is a ìto-do list with a differenceî, and itís one of my favorite apps to use. Before carrot, I was the sort of person who would let my to-do list pile up and spend my time doing unproductive things like getting distracted and browsing the internet. Now, I get my tasks done quicker than ever and I feel more motivated to do them. Carrot is different because itís a to-do list with a personality ñ it shouts at you and becomes angry if you get lazy, and it also rewards you if youíre getting a lot done. Who knew the prospect of a virtual kitten reward on your smart phone could be quite so motivating! Itís got a slick interface too, making the action of checking things off your list really satisfying. Itís just £0.69 in the app store!Yammer - App for EntrepreneursYammer is a social network just for your business. Invite all your employees to your company Yammer however big or small you are as a business, and improve your productivity massively! Yammer offers features such as messages, file sharing, groups (so you can join up for a discussion with your department), image sharing, rewards and praise for employees that are doing well, and a whole lot more.podioIf youíre working with more than one person to set up your business, then I highly recommend Podio. You can manage projects from Podio and designate tasks to team members; the person the task was assigned to can even mark it as ìNot Startedî, ìWorking Onî or ìCompleteî, so you always know where everyone is up to. You can even store contacts and leads in Podio, making it pretty much the best way of working on the move, or wherever you want.Square - App for Entrepreneurs
Square is an app and device that attaches to your smart phone and allows you to take card payments. Itís the perfect app for entrepreneurs that might be starting their business at craft and trade fairs. For a small transaction fee youíll be able to make customersí experiences much easier, and really be able to test sell your product before you take it online.Habit List - App for EntrepreneursBecoming an entrepreneur might mean you need to form a few habits ñ maybe you want to make sure you post a blog every week, maybe you want to tweet every day, or maybe you need to go to the post office every two days. Whatever habit you need to form, Habit List will help you do it, and it will track how close you are to forming a habit too.Dragon - Voice Recognition App for EntrepreneursItís likely as an entrepreneur setting up a new business you will struggle to manage your time, but you will still need to stay in touch with people, so try using Dragon Dictation, which will allow you to dictate e-mails and texts. This method could end up considerably quicker than typing things out, just be careful that it doesnít mishear you and type something embarrassing! Not professional at all.Mint -  Finance App for EntrepreneursIf youíre starting a business you may have to give up your job, work part time, or live off your savings, so money management is essential. Mint is a great tool for visualizing the amount of money you have, so you can always see when youíre spending too much, and when you have a little extra to invest.Highrise -  Contact Manager for EntrepreneursSome entrepreneurs have the best intentions but are quite forgetful; if youíre like me and you struggle to remember face, names, appointments and meetings then this app has got you covered. It stores a little database of everything you need to know, so if youíre going into a meeting you can reference all your previous meeting notes first.HoursTracker -  Time sheet and Time Tracker app for EntrepreneurFreelance work is lucrative, but it can be a pain if you find yourself accidentally undercharging clients and losing out on much needed extra pay. You wonít have that problem with Hours Tracker however, because this app lets you track how long you work on projects, and if you set an hourly rate, it will also calculate the amount your work was worth.Smartr - Contact Management App for EntrepreneursSmartr is an android app that helps you with networking. Networking can help launch a new small business instantly, so itís important to work to maintain relationships. Smart brings together your e-mail, Facebook messages and more to build one incredibly handy contacts book. Refer to this app and hopefully youíll never be out of touch again.What are some of your favorite apps for entrepreneurs? Feel free to let me know about some in the comments below!About the AuthorKirstie is a blogger from Wirral, UK and works on the marketing team at Webtise, a Magento development agency based near Chester in the UK. She is interested in technology, apps and web tools primarily, as well as the technicalities of blogging.


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