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Internet Blessings
Regardless of your age, country or religion if for a moment, if you try to imagine that what most of your relatives, friends, and acquaintances would be doing in late evening of any usual day? Probably the answer would be no different of what that comes to my mind. That is almost all of them would be on their smart phones, pads, laptops or any other form of computer devices. Those all, you and me have one common interest that is Internet.
The internet has engrossed hard the live of every class of human kind. It has unlimited potentials to reorder human life. It’s the highest and the cheapest source of information and the best tool for effective communication. With lapse of time the internet has change the basic definitions many things related to human life.
The basic factor of effectiveness of internet usage is artificial intelligence which incorporates with human intelligence and hence replication of the resulting intelligence.  The internet is the best ammunition of warfare against ignorance and time wastage. It has changed most of things from impossible to easily possible in human history.
There is no clear line between advantages and disadvantages of internet. Opponents and allies of internet both have very logical and effective arguments. Still we can say that the usage of internet mostly depends upon the motive and intention of the user. Still there are some blames on internet and one of which is the plentitude of morally harmful material available in ease to everyone, regardless of age, sex and mental level stays unanswered.
Besides all odds we can clearly say that the internet is most effective tool for education, business and communications. Some but not limited to, are mentioned below.
On Line The word online has dissolved most of the intricacy of the hard rock’s of public small businesses. It has brought an ease to the people of ever sphere of life starting from the students to grandparents. It may contains but not limited to, Online degrees ,shopping ,training, money transfer videos conferences and much more.
Cost Effectiveness Its one of the most beneficial results of the internet usage. The world has turned into a global community. The people of the Far East know exactly the prices and wages of any material or work being used in Central London. People is USA and UK now get most the jobs done from the people in India or third world countries where they have to pay less than half as much as they have to pay in their own countries.
Time Saving Another factor of the internet advantages is that it saves lots of time and thus the saving of huge money which would have been spent in finding information and necessary data before starting nay business.
Knowledge Couple of decades ago it was almost impossible for a common man to gain 24/7 access to the world famous encyclopedias, atlases and dictionaries. Now the internet has made it quite easily possible to almost everywhere in the world.
International relational Relations  If I am not a Russian and doesn’t know a word of Russian, it doesn’t mean that I can’t chat with a native Russian. Online translator has made it very easy to instantly translate my native language into any other language.
Ease in Human Relations A student studying overseas or a father serving oceans apart can see, feel and become a part in every gathering in family, like birthdays, anniversaries, birth of new child, the baby first step or the prayers of a loving mom.
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