Park Your Domain Names to Keep Them Alive

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Sometimes it becomes very hard to pay the renewal fees of a domain that you don’t use. But you also want to keep it.Now think of people who have 20 or 30 domains under their belt, yes it’s possible to have that many. They must pay the renewal charge for every domain otherwise they will loose it. For 30 domains, the renewal amount would be close to $300, taking $10 per domain. Now think about it, $300 just for domain names and they are also not being used. If there is money then no problem, but what if you don’t have enough funds to pay. No need to worry, simply park them.Domain Name ParkingDomain name parking is of two types – you get paid for it and you don’t. Now, what you need is a domain name parking service that will make you money, interesting. Now, which company should you choose? It’s very easy, Sedo is the solution. It’s the biggest and most popular company that will provide you the parking space, no vehicles please, on the Internet. All they do is show ads on your domain and you will get paid. That means your domain is paying for renewal itself. But the negative point is that your domain will be nowhere in the search engines and no Pagerank to it.But if you also want your domain to appear in searches and gain Pagerank, even when it is park, you can use It’s not that big as Sedo but will do what you want – search engine rankings and Pagerank. All they do is add new content and new link to your domain constantly. Doing this will not only give you the money to pay off your renewal fees (90% of domains accepted to BeneParkís system get $5-$30 per month), but it will also boost your search engine traffic and Pagerank for your domains over time.


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