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Learn how to Monitor Internet speed and applications connected to Internet. Internet companies promise a lot of speed but if they don’t deliver it you can keep a check on its speed by Windows Feature in Windows 7 & Windows 8.
If your Internet is not gearing up good speed, it can be a slow internet connection or few applications that are connecting to Internet in background. We usually think that only the browser running is connected to Internet, but it is not the case. Many applications try to connect in background to maintain Network Services, or Windows Updates, Antivirus updates and maybe few applications also.
You have to open resource monitor to monitor Internet Speed and applications connected to it.
Windows 7 : Open start menu and type resource monitor and open the program or typeresmon.exe in run to open Resource Monitor.
Windows 8 : To open Resource Monitor in Windows 8, open Task Manager (Alt+Ctrl+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and click on Performance tab and choose Resource Monitor from Below.
Now you’ve opened your Resource Monitor. Now click on Network from the 5 options in front. You see the following screen.Resource-Monitor-2_crop_crop
In the above image, already the functions are written in bold font on Image on where to click, where you can check your Monitor Internet speed and know the programs that are connecting to Internet. In this image screenshot was taken when Internet was down
Here you see the current Internet speed (271 Kbps). You will also notice the app connected to Internet like kindle.exe (Amazon Kindle for PC), Upload and Download speed. If you expand Processes with Network Activity you can filter applications and see its alone connections. In the right side, you will see graph to show your Internet is giving speed consistently.
At the below you will also see Listening Ports which informs about Programs and their Process ID, Ports they’re connecting and IP Addresses and its Firewall status. Let me know how you monitor your Internet speed by commenting below:)
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