Solutions To Problems With iOS 7

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Lots of people have been writing about iOS 7 Problems and Solutions and it didn’t achieve its goal. Many have been complaining because iOS 7 showed some common problems after the update. Most of the times these are about the stability and crash issues after updating to iOS 7. As users say, it freezes and gets stuck very often. You should really know some tips and tricks that will help you get the system running again. Here are some of the most common iOS 7 issues and solutions to them.
Battery Drains Quickly: Some people noticed that their iPhone battery drains very quickly.


Solution: Go to Settings / Notification Center and turn off applications you don’t need.
iPhone freezing: This is an usual problem and it’s not limited to any specific application.
Solution: Press the Home button and the Speed/Wake button at the same time until Apple logo appears.
Media control won’t work: This usually happens after you download an application and or alot of use.

Media Conrol

Solution: Press and hold Sleep/Wake button until power off slide button shows. Slide it to turn your phone off and then press Sleep/Wake button to restart.
Wi-Fi Bluetooth won’t work: After upgrading to iOS 7 some people reported this issue.

iPhone Wi-Fi

Solution: Go to Settngs / General / Reset / Network Settings. If the problem reappears try this. Go to Settngs / control Center and disable Access on Lock Screen and after that restart your iPhone.
Unread emails: Most of Gmail or other email service users often complain about tons of unred emails.

Solution: Open your emain on the iPhone, then select all and choose mark as read. This is also possible to do on your computer.
Face Time not working: Not too many people reported this problem after the update.

Solution: COnnect to Wi-Fi and then go to Settings / General / Reset / Reset Network Settings and set up your connection again.
SIRI is confusing: Some report that SIRI is giving inaccurate information and it seems very confused.

Solution: You should fix this by reseting network settings. Go to Settings / General / Reset / Reset Network Settings.


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