Review – Corporate Society (CIPL) – should you join?

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Review Corporate Society (CIPL) – should you join?

All those making their life in india must be aware of the “Corporate
Society” – Corporate Infocom Private Limited. An It Company, Corporate
Society is located in the city of Delhi.
The company is lead by a young-corporate-society-reviewing circle
collaboration of persons.

I write this review now because of my experience as a ex-corporater of
which my current status falls into. My total employment with the
company lasted just a year.

Corporate Society Claims to be a full fledged It Company but in my own
experience with them I found they actually provide a limited level of
web solutions.

Corporate Society began on December of year 2007. The entrepreneurs
who started it are Rahul Walia and Diwaker Dhyani who is currently the
The actual fact of the matter is it isn’t an It company at all
completely, having only one product called Web-Educational Package
which most of the sales coming via MLM (Multi Level Marketing). The
company is more a Multi Level Marketing Organization than a It
Oganization/Company it’s target market being the youth of the nation
of India. They regularly have business gatherings to work out the
logistics of growing the company’s sales base and income. Their
technical support to customers is rather limited. This is the reason I
prefer to call it more a “MLM COMPANY” than an It Company.

The organization in no way in the past acted has acted in a fraudulent manner. It is a perfectly legal
law abiding company allowed to operate in india. But I will give you
an example of some of it’s policies that I find a little out of order
for a proper company to use. Let assume a situation such as this – you
are home relaxing with family when a good friend comes to vist and
explain to you that he’s come upon a company that has the reputation
of making millionaires out of even young college students. He explains
that Corporate Society which he has free passes for 2 for a seminar by
is having a gathering that very night and rather than ask anyone else
to join him he asked you because he wants to see you succeed in making
money. The two passes are for the company’s Web-Educational Seminar.
He explains it is my obligation to offer you first the opportunity to
join him at the seminar asking you “Is it your wish to create a
Professional website, with no knowledge of Web-Designing” (I think you
probably heard this statement before). So you ask questions of your
friend such as “Give me more details concerning this seminar”. But
your friend won’t given you a single hint of the details. So being
curious and after a good night’s sleep and much thought you choose to
join your friend at the
Web-Educational Seminar. So choose to attend with him this free
informational get rich quick seminar. The seminars are given only in
the mornings. One can only wonder why they choose only the morning to
provide these seminars. So what do you first notice at the seminar
upon arrival? for me it was that all the people attending including
your friend is wearing business suits or white collared shirts, formal
pants and ties, a very success looking attired attendees. Then it
turns out it is not free but a small fee is required. So you and your
friend pay the fees they ask. They seat you in an auditorium or
banquet hall and the seminar begins. Everyone dressed like a
successful businessman. Once the bulding the seminar is being held in
fills up they start the seminar.


So the seminar has begun, out comes a well dressed successful
looking man or woman who states “Hello to all and welcome to our Web
Educational Seminar, today you have come here to change your fortunes,
this educational seminar will help college students and other youths
obtain success and virtually guarantee you financial independence and
riches” on and on in this manner of speech. The speaker explains of a
student of the seminar named “Josh Machine of Chandigarh” who become a
millionaire via the seminars at the low age of just 21 years.

Then is a change of seminar speakers, another formally dressed person
wearing white business shirt and black tie or full business suit (
very impressive) this person shouts to the leaving speaker “I wish you
great and continued success Corporate Society”. Impressive by this
person’s successful attire and attitude one listens intently. The
person speaks of how their life has totally change for the rich and
better. Now is the change the seminar speaker suddenly starts speaking
of the Web Educational Product. Many myths are spoken of by this new
speaker concerning the selling of their products (MLM). Thinking the
seminar they described is over “Web-Educational”. One believes filing
out the door is the next movement. But no.. Instead the subject
changes to a whole other topic, that of daily problems thus the
speaking has moved onto the multi level marketing portion of the
seminar which was in truth to be the main subject from the start. The
speaker has shifted to the part of their business of selling product
(MLM). They present to you all the seemingly incredible (schemes)
techniques they have to offer in multi level marketing. When told if
you sell your product to your friends suddenly the realization comes
upon one that your friend only invited you to the seminar in the hopes
you will enter the (MLM) under him and thus become a potential for his
own pockets to be enrichened through your own work. Selling their
products you get a commission though NEFT. And now you totally
understand why your friend brought you with him.. his investment is
made with the company already.

You are invited along to some nice restaurant or your associate’s home
where your told ” A friend will be arriving who is earning so well and
yet still in college and already owns his own motorbike, automobile or
anything expensive. Do you want to meet him? The friend explains
further that the person come will be happy to tell us how he is
willing to offer his time explaining to us just what and how his
success came about etc. For Sure, if you’r available you will not
probably decline this free informational friends offering.
So you accept the offer and off you go to another location where you
see alot of people already there awaiting the arrival of this generous
offer of free information. When the person arrives the quasi seminar
begins. Usually using a powerpoint presentation slides from a laptop
and projection system to present the information you’re again
impressed and begin to consider investing some money yourself with
this system offered.

So you now hear more about the products, a yes or no answer is not so
simple, your friend implores you to join in never telling you he has
invested money with the company. Imploring you, that you should join
the concept otherwise you will lag behind me.
Your doubts may cause you to consider rejection: Everyone has doubts,
one never understands completely what is taught in a college lecture
lasting just an hour, then how can you understand the seminar or
presentation of more than 2 hours completely. If you have doubts your
friends try to remove them and if you’re unsatisfied you will
dissapoint your friends. He removes doubts and the process is known as
Follow Ups. If you rejected to join the concept, they just promote you
to give feedback of the product and the senior tries to remove your
negativity or problems regarding not joining the concept and try to
convince you.
Decision : Now it is your decision to join the concept or not. Now,
you have made a yes or no, it is all on you no one can force you, you
have to pay money. Now read the Product review below.
What they Offer : Domain Name (any .COM, .NET, .CO.IN, etc) of your
choice, Web Hosting for a year, Free Templates, Mobile Site Builder,
Online Courses, etc.
Pros of Corporate Society IT Part
Cons of Corporate Society IT Part
This is the main focus of the company for which company holds more
meetings and training’s. Business part of the package weighs more
weight-age then IT part and package is costly because of business
part. Business is actually quite interesting and teaches you many
things and try make you professional.
Pros of Corporate Society MLM Part
Cons of Corporate Society MLM Part
No one can let you decide whether what is better for you and not. It’s
your decision that you want to join or not.
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If you liked the article, please share it with your friends and
respond the article by commenting below to express your views
regarding the company.


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