Best Free iPhone Apps (Part 4)

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Best Free iPhone Apps are those which are declared best after test. We find thousands of free to download and free to use apps, but when we use or test only few of those apps get through. Some has limitations of size or features limited to a some extend only. Some lack in qualities you expect.  We test and prepare these blogs on result basis for your easiness and connivance. Those Apps which pass the test are declared Must Have iPhone Free Apps.  In this blog I put up some more of Must Have iPhone Free Apps with download links.
Category Voice Recording
Application Name Magic Recorder
Your private secretary always ready to record.
Have you ever felt in the mid of nowhere when you wanted to note down a lecture, minutes of a meeting, briefs in a conference and either it was too fast to write down or you forgot to bring writing materials? Well now you got a must have iPhone free app. It can record voice memos and save same as any photo or video. This Must have free iPhone App allows you to record your voice in three qualities from Low, Mid and High. Share your recordings through social medias like whatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Path or Email.
Download Magic recorder                                        
Category  Storage Device
One of the most papular apps
Application Name USB & Wi-Fi Flash Drive
One of the top rated Must Have Free iPhone App which saves your money and time. You always have some free space and this app takes it and stores a large number of files into it just like a USB flash drive. I declared it must have free iPhone app because it transfers data both through Wi-Fi and USB. Its reader and file browser supports images, videos, documents and music. It supports most commonly used image, music and documents formats. It is also password protected.
Download Flash Drive      
Application Name USB Disk
Save files of all papular formats and use them without a USB Disk
One of the most beneficial among must have free iPhone app. It’s an amazing storage device, lets you store, manage and view documents on iPhone & iPad. It supports Drag and Drop, simple and easy to use.
E Mail attachments view and USB file transfer. Email documents, slide shows and background audio are some of the features. Supports Evernote, Google Drive,Dropbox and lock code.
Downlaod USB Disk           
Category Phone Photography
One of the best free cam apps
Application Name CamKewl Lite1
It’s really the great one of the must have free iPhone apps. Have you ever forgotten when a pictures was taken? Some time you completely forget where an old picture was shot at. This amazing real one of must have free iphone app helps you track your photo memories. It’s all in one which will always remind you when and where your pictures were taken. It also shares your photos on social Medias and let you email them.
The camera has lot more functions like B/W, BLITZ Check, SEPIA,
Download CamKewl Lite 1
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