Best Free iPhone Apps Part 3

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As iPhone suits your daily moods, so you need many applications to get along with this amazing iPhone. Many free applications are great, time saving and even best for organizing your daily life. They give you great feeling of security and management. Here are some more of Best Free iPhone Apps.
Category Wi-Fi
Application Name WiFi Photo Transfer
WiFi Photo Transfer
One of the most useful items in Best Free iPhone Apps which turns your iPhone into a server within no time. Open this app into your iPhone, type web address given into the browser of your computer/laptop and start transferring your photos & videos from your iPhone. Select multiple photo transfer at a time. It has the option to scale down or full resolution.
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WiFi Album Free
Wi-Fi Album Free
This is also one of the top rated among Best Free iPhone Apps.It turns your iPhone into a powerful transferring machine.  Easy transfer videos and photos between iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac  and PCs over Wi-Fi. No need to download even iTunes.
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When we talk about “ Best Free iPhone Apps” and specially Wi-Fi transfer, we definitely reach to this smart application for smart iPhone.  Its one of the best free applications  because it works both ways transfer to and from Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Mac and PCs.
Works with build-in HTTP and SMB File Servers, ie from iPhone to other devices and from devices to iPhone.
Any file size
Any number of files.
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Category iCloud
Guide fir iCloud
One of the most used and downloaded application iniPhones. Its stays at the top ranked in the Best Free iPhone Apps as it is highly useful and time/money saving application.
You can use “Find my iPhone” to track and locate iphone or iPad. Works good with your contacts for back up, share, and synchronizing. Also you can edit MS Word documents. Share videos and photos and notes over WiFi
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Category Alarm/Reminders
Yocto Alarm Clock
Yocto Alarm Clock
Everyone likes free apps and Best Free Iphone Apps are those which are ads and cost free. Well Yocto Alarm is one of those few top rated apps. It turns your iPhone into an obedient maid which awakes you up right in time.
Did you ever want to hear your favorite music on your own iPhone  on wake-up? Yocto Alarm Clock wakes you up with your favorite music from your own iTunes Library.
70+ sounds with power Nap mode from 5 to 60 Minutes.
Volume control and snooze with really awakening alarm. It is right to place this application among top ranked Best Free iPhone Apps.
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Category Scan
SmartScan Express
SmartScan Express
Easy and fast. Simple and free one of the best free iPhone apps. Scan, edit crop, save and e mail your work. It converts quickly documents into PDF format. Very effective and money saving application. One of the must have, you always need it in your iPhone.
It has many features like,
Color to Black&White transition.
SMART automatic edge detection and cropping.
Edit documents with marking, crossing-out, highlighting.
Fastest image processing.
JPEG, PNG or PDF conversion.
Sync your documents with iTunes.
Copy-Paste documents from main screen
Email-to-myself function.
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Category Photos & Videos
Any Video for WhatsApp…Bonus of the Day
Any Video for WhatsApp
Any Video for not only whatsApp but also for Skype, Google+,Mail Message, Tango,GroupMe,Line,Facebook Messenger, Yahoo, Twitter and MMS/SMS Text.
Were you trying to send a video on WhatsApp and failed because it was two seconds longer than that is supported by WhatsApp? Now you can send any length video through WhatsApp and  all applications listed above, Wow. It has no limitations on size and works super fast.
Make a video of any length or select from your camera roll and upload your videos and get a private link.
Send the link into to your buddies through any messenger or application which supports video. You can set a password too for privacy.
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