Best Free applications for iPhone

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Here are some of the Best Free applications for iPhone.

Category  Weather         
1.       Application Name   Thermo.
A very simple and easy to use, location based Application. You have also the option to in put another location.  Just open it to know the outside temperature. It has the option to select temperature units in Degree Centigrade or Fahrenheit. It also shows “Feels” and yesterday temperature with history.
Category  Reminders 
Application Name   Easy Reminders
Easy Reminders
Very handy and easy to use reminders application. Can set many reminders with pre alert from 10 Minutes to 1 day also with option of repeat intervals starting from Nag Me! to, day, week , month and year period. It has many Sound Alerts selection.
2.       Application Name Voice Secretary
Voice Secretary
If you hate typing now and then on small key pad of your iPhone, Voice Secretary gives you the chance to save and hear reminders in your own voice. Never miss an important “ To Do” now
3.       Application Name Evernote
One of the most downloaded Applications which are widely used world over. It works with all devices you use. You can manage “To Do Lists” voice reminders make notes and take photos and search it easily ever you are at home or office.
4.       Application Name Alarmed
This application has many features. It can synchronize among iOS devices with pop-up timers, count down and count up with custom messages. Alerts with repeat and snoozing facility.
Category  Utilities       
1.       Application Name   Pocket Tools
Pocket ToolsPocket Tools 1
This is awesome combination of seven tools in one box. It includes, Flashlight, Plumb Bob, Bubble level, Protractor, Ruler and Unit Converter.
2.        Application Name   Decibel Meter@ FREE
Decibel Meter 1Decibel Meter 2
This free application lets you measure the loudness of anything. It measures sound level in db and can measure accurately up to 120db. Its meter can show peak average and max noise.
3.       Application Name   Light & Ruler
Light & Ruler
As its name shows it contains and flash light with few options like Camera Function, SOS light signal. Ruler measuring in centimeters and inches and measurement can be saved.
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