Best 5 streaming apps for your new Smart TV:

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Recently, many companies have introduced smart televisions which are sometimes are known as “Smart TV”
These televisions are capable of running on internet and can download many apps through app store.
So, if you have bought a new Smart T.V. then here are some apps that are really entertaining and good for your new T.V.


Netflix App

The most popular video-streaming giant Netflix tops our list as it is very sophisticated when running on big screen. You can browse through collection of movies and series. The beauty is that it will remember your preferences like your favorite shows, movies etc.
Whenever you switch from app to browser or another app.
Netflix is available on apple and android TV. It has the cheapest plan that starts at only ($8 per month) but it doesn’t let you stream 4k videos.
For 4k videos you have to upgrade at premium plan that is ($14 per month)


Plex App for smart tv

Plex is also a video streaming network like Netflix. It gives its user ability to download owned shows and movies to their computers or clouds and it can be beamed to the smart Tv for that a shared wifi connection is needed.

Plex has a good user interface and got the functionality of “pick from where you left” which means that you can stream your videos right from where you left.
The option of downloading video, good management of collection of movies owned by user makes it a good app that streams on big screens makes it a good app that streams on big screens.

Plex is available for free on Android and Apple Televisions, however the app also offers some premium versions often called “plex pass” starting from ($5 per month, $40 per year, $150 for lifetime),
Giving you the ability stream all your videos on tablets and smartphones as well as on your smart Tv.

Daily Workouts:

Daily Workouts app

Watching training videos on smart phones while doing workout can be troublesome and it is difficult to watch on smartphones. Although there are many apps available for mobiles but Daily Workouts app is also available for Smart Tvs as well.

Making it an easier task while on daily routine workout. It has hundreds of different exercise videos which are 5 min or 30 min long depends on your choice. So why get troubled doing exercise and watching trainer on small screen. Just download this app and watch your trainers and exercises on big screen and do your exercise without any problem.

This app is available for apple and android televisions for free, you will get three full-body workouts routines. You can also upgrade it to pro edition for only $10 giving you access to three more additional full-body workouts

News 360:

News 360 app

So you are sick of Cable TV news? If you like just viewing latest video updates, then this “News 360” app is good for you. Compiling the clips that are uploaded recently on news sites like Bloomberg, The Guardian, Reuters and some other channels it giving you all the latest updates you need.

This app has a personalization feature that just focus on “what you like” so it will show you what matters to you most. Providing you with recommendations on your favorite topics.

On Big Screen you will have the full control whether you search using categories or jumping directly to the top stories. Having feature of text article makes it good when you just like to read making them appear big and bold in letters so you will have no problem to read.

For now News 360 is only available on Android Smart Tv and not on Apple.

Kitchen Stories:

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories appears at number 5 on our list, If you are interested in cooking and wants to try something new to cook daily then this app is just for you.

It will provide you with good recipes making your food even more delicious when it is made by following professional’s advice.

There are many recipe apps available for smartphones but this one is better on big screens.
It provides high resolution pictures and videos of recipes that can be easily seen without any problem from distance and saving your time just by not going near the television just to read what is written.

Besides cooking recipes it also provides our talented learning chef’s with “how to” videos.
The app is free for Android and Apple televisions which have many good and impressive recipes. It also includes some in-app purchases.

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