Stop redirection to its country specific homepage

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Google is improving its search results day by day by adding more features to its search results page. You might have also seen when you type it redirects to your country specific homepage. Obviously it helps you get more relevant results.
If you search in India, it automatically opens whenever you type If you live in France, extension will be .fr or in United Kingdom it will be .uk.
Google redirects to your country specific Search results page by detecting your IP address from where you log in. Geolocation software helps to know IP address which reveals your country including your city and maybe your locality also.
But whenever I searched for news or sports, it showed me the local news and updated which really i never wanted.
So to prevent this automatic redirection type which will redirect to Google’s original homepage.
Now when you search on its original homepage you will see different search queries like search news, there will be different results. Notice this in a screenshot of difference between results.
If you’ve already searched without adding ncr in URL, you can still get the desired search results just by changing extension in URL, like “” to “”. Now it will show the same queries you will see on its original homepage.
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