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Google is the most widely used Search Engine on Internet for searching anything. If your searching content on a website, then its better to use Google Search for it. Google is quite user friendly and you are familiar with the its search.
Many websites have included a own search bar for their website, but some websites still don’t have it. Using a particular website search might be confusing for you or the search results doesn’t suite your search queries, so it is better to use Google like you’re using it before.
Just write, ‘ “Search queries or keyword’s” ‘ on Google Search to solve your problem. I wanted to search from regarding their articles on Facebook, I wrote ‘ “facebook” ‘ in Google Search and the search results appeared only of articles linked to Facebook.
The benefits of using Google search are that you waste less time to find the required article you need. It is quite difficult to first visit the website, find their search bar and then search the queries. Many websites don’t have a good search bar and display some wrong search results for queries.
If you forget (or intentionally) don’t write ‘site:’ and search for ‘ facebook’, the result were quite different and the first link was of Facebook fan page of Mashable, so don’t forget to write ‘site:’ in front of website name.
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