[How To] Unlink Google Adsense Account From Google Analytics

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Google Analytics can be really helpful to analyse Google Adsense ads on a website. You can monitor the clicks, the geographical location from where the click came and other lots of things. To use Google Analytics with your Adsense account, you will have to link them first which is quite an easy task and I assume that you know it well. Here, I will show how you can unlink your Analytics and Adsense accounts. I am making this post after I experienced an issue with the unlinking process.I had my Adsense and Analytics account to monitor adsense stats on my personal website AsifnKhan.com. Some time ago, I decided to remove Adsense from the site and also unlink the Analytics and Adsense accounts. I wanted to do that to monitors ads on this site as Google only allows linking of only one site. Before doing that I also deleted the Analytics profile of that site. Now, the problem with Analytics and Adsense integration is that you can not unlink both after deleting website profile from Analytics. Of course, I was not aware of that as Google has not mentioned it anywhere. So I was stuck with an internal error everytime I clicked on unlink in Adsense : “Internal Error. Please try again later. Analytics has encountered an unexpected condition and cannot fulfill your request”. I posted in Google Groups but none was available, there were also others facing the same issue without any luck.Error Code I was Receiving Because there was nothing from the Google Groups, I tried to do it all myself. Here is what I did:Create the profile of website once again with same information under the same account. I assume that your account is intact as you can’t delete it unless you unlink Adsense and Analytics.There is no need to install the code or do other things, just complete the profile.Now, after finishing the profile, go to your Adsense account > Account Settings. Under Access and Authorization, click on edit link with Google Analytics integaration. Click on the unlink of the website that you wanted to unlink. A new window will open with the analytics profile of your site you want to unlink. Just click on the Unlink Account link in the bottom right corner.Now, your site and Adsense is unlinked from Analytics and you can delete the site profile from Analytics if you want. Let me know if you faced any other problem.


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