How to take a Full Page Screenshot in Google Chrome?

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Taking a Full Page Screenshot isn’t a tough task anymore, many free softwares and plugins are available for it. Taking a screenshot with PrtSc key on keyboard helps only if you want to take screenshot of content you see on the desktop but not the full-page.
We will install an extension of Google Chrome to solve our problem. Go to this link or search “Screen Capture by Google” in Google Chrome Web Store. This extension is provided by Google as we observe in its name also.
Now click on Add To Chrome and click on Add and let the Google Chrome install the extension for you.
You will see a new icon after the address like Screen Capture by Google Icon. Click on it and click on options for it. Use the following setting for getting best screenshots :
Screenshot Quality Settings : Lossless screenshot (PNG) – Best for getting clear screenshots.
Autosave : Check, to prevent any loss of any screenshot and no need for a manual save, it automatically does saves it to location selected.
Enable keyboard shortcuts : Check, it’s obviously easy for you to use keyboard and set the shortcuts to your requirements.
Finally its over, i took a screenshot of my website to test it.
Now just press the keyboard shortcuts and the images are automatically saved for you. I also took a full page screenshot of my website to test the plugin. :)
Well there are many other tools to take a full page screenshot, tell your by commenting below. :)
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