How to Get Copyright Free photos from Google Image Search

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Google-Images_cropGetting Copyright Free photos isn’t any easy task as it’s difficult to find, get its license information and much more issues. That’s why let Google Image Search do this for you. Images speak more than words and make blog posts more interesting for readers.

But bloggers can’t simply download a photo and add in the post. They need to know whether the photographer has allowed to use or modify it and use it in your blog. If you don’t care of this you might have to legal issues against you and further consequences of it.

Whenever you go to Google Image Search page by default it shows all types of images in search results and include every photo whether they are copyright free photos or not.

Enter your search queries in Google Search and hit enter and see the results below. I searched for Panda there and got the result in the following image.
Now notice a Geared wheel on the right side of screen and above search result with SafeSearch button. Click on the geared wheel and then select “Advanced Search”.

You will be redirected to a new window with many input options in it. Go below and find usage rights. Now you can select which kind of images do you want for your blog, you call also find option to find copyright free photos which you can modify or use or share even commercially(mostly i prefer this). Now click on  Advanced Search to get copyright free images from Google Image Search.
Now you see the images in search results are safe to use and yes you can use in your blog posts.

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