How To Export Feed Subscriptions From Google Reader

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Since Google has announced that they will be taking Google reader down on July 1 this year, it’s better to export all your feed subscriptions to a safe place so that you can import it and use that with another feed reader. Google allows you to export all your data from most of their products and Google Reader is no exception. You can export your feed subscriptions in an OPML file and a json file of your shared and starred posts.Google Takeout is a service provided by Google to export the data from their products. Today we will guide you on how to export your feed subscriptions from Google Reader.1. Go to Google Takeout and click on Choose Services tab. Now, select Google Reader from the list of services. You can select other services as well but for now, we will stick with Google Reader.Google Takeout - Google Reader2. On the next page, you will see the estimated file and the size of the archive. Estimated files, in most cases, will be 8 having one OPML (XML) file for your subscriptions and 7 other files containing information of your shared, starred, liked feeds, notes, etc. Size depends on the number of feed subscriptions.Google Takeout - Google Reader3. Click on Create Archive button and you will be presented with information of the export file and a Download button. Click on the Download button and save the file.Google Takeout - Google ReaderAfter extracting the archive, you will have all the files. You can use those files to import all your feed subscriptions to any other feed reader, most of them support import-export functionality.You can also use the above process to export the data from other services as well or if you want to export all the data, you can do that too using Google Takeout.


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