How to Disable Email categories tab in Gmail

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Gmail has rolled a new feature to its Inbox section which divides Email accordingly into Primary, Social and Promotions. This feature has divided inbox into 2 types of Email of Important i.e. Primary Mails and Unimportant i.e. Social and Promotions related mails. Every E-Commerce website email will be in promotions and emails from Social Networking sites will be in Social tab.
It has led to loss of business of people who were dependent on Email marketing as their Emails will not be the ones you will see on the front email list as before. Categorizing emails has also made it difficult for people who read every mail but beneficial for them who were tired of email like “You got a new retweet” or “John likes your Facebook profile photo”. It helped them to read only important mails in primary section.
Categorizing emails in tabs helped people who were fed up of email like promotional newsletter, social news feed and promotional offers from website owners or others.
If you want more tabs, you can add of updates and forums email tabs also. It will help you to organize it.
Many people didn’t liked it and were not comfortable with any change with their old Gmail interface.Many people were unable to find emails in any of the tabs, and you have to every time search for it in inbox.
If you’ve not been subscribed from Promotional letters and Social feed, then tabs are of no use for you.
If you really want to disable it and get back your old interface in Gmail, then first click on +after Promotions tab.
You will see a new pop up box and deselect Social and promotion check boxes and click on save and you will get back your old Gmail
So what are your opinion on this? Tell us by commenting below which interface you liked the most and why?
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