How to Add your Business to Google Maps

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If you want to increase business from Internet for your shop, then its must to add your work to Google Maps. You might have often seen in Google Search Results that even Map is shown for some search results which makes user more clear of your directions to reach destination.
For example, I searched Bakers In Chandigarh in which I received some search results with their Address, Location on Google Maps, Address and Contact details in another column. After this you will see results of websites such as Grotal, Zomato or Justdial.
If I hover my mouse pointer towards any results then it shows the exact location of the place. It also shows Get Directions, Address Phone, Transit and reviews from websites like JustDial or CityGuide.
Everyone adds his occupation to these websites such JustDial, CityGuide but forget to add to Google Maps, which may create more business as more than 90% use Search Engine for their queries.
How to Add to Google Maps
Go to and click on Put Your Business to Google Maps.
It will ask you Country and Phone Number, fill the required details and click Find Business Information. It will check whether you’ve already listed your workplace to it or not. If not, then only you can add a new one.
It will then ask for Basic Info of your Work/Trade like Country, Company, Services, Contact Details, Category, Website, Payment options and Photos with some additional information like Parking space. If you don’t have a website, register one domain here or tick on I don’t have a Website. After that make sure you hadn’t left any piece of material left. Click on Submit.
After that they would validate your Business listing, without this your business will not be listed. I recommend you to choose By Phone, they just call you in few second and tell you a pin, it’s an automated call and other methods takes a lot of time.
You will receive a pin from the option you choose and can request a new one also.
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