Help Google in Mapping Your Neighbourhood, Win Android Tablets and Smatphones

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Maps can really help you when you are visiting a foreign place or are lost. Earlier, tourists used to carry a paper map to find their way at any unknown place. But now, we have smartphones. We have digital maps in our smartphones which are updated regularly by the map makers so that we don’t feel lost anywhere in the world. But still there are places in this world which can not be found on the maps and one of them is India. In the world’s second largest population, it’s pretty hard to find a place like a restaurant, a short route to any hotel and anything else. To sort out this limitation, Google India is running a contest named Mapathon 2013 in which any resident of India can add a place, a road in the maps. As the car of Google can not get to every street in India, they are relying on the citizens to help them out.It’s just not that they are asking it for free. Google India is offering some great prizes to people who make the most contributions in the map. Check the image below to get a hint of the prizes.Google mapathon 2013Following prizes will be awarded to the winners:Google India will check the data provided by the entrant or the user before approving it to be visible on the map. Providing too much incorrect data will lead to disqualification from the contest.Users can use the map maker provided by Google to add any unknown feature on the map. Map makers also allows you to define the boundaries of a place, not necessary, but better if you know. You can also add point of interests such as schools, colleges, businesses or restaurants. You can also add short routes and roads not in the Google map. You can track your points on the scorecard provided by Google which provides you all the info of your contributions.Google Mapathon 2013 ScorecardThe Contest is already underway from 12th February, 2013 and the last date to participate in the contest is 25th March, 2013. The winners will be announced after a long time of three months on 23rd July, 2013. Please note that these dates can be changed and the users will be notified on the website. Go to Google Mapathon 2013.


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