Google Opens the AdSense Academy for Webmasters

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Google’s Adsense is probably the greatest source of income for many bloggers but there are many that are still unaware of its power.That’s why, Google has launched a program for webmaster called Adsense Academy. Well, Google also makes a lot of money with Adsense, maybe that’s the reason. At Adsense Academy, webmasters, either they are pro-blogger or startups, will learn all the facets of Adsense. This will help them in keeping their account active and make more money.Adsense AcademyAt Adsense Academy, you will have to complete six steps to be an Adsense Astronaut but you will not get a chance to land on The Moon ;-). In each step, you will complete some mini-steps like creating an ad unit and implementing it on the site, tracking it using channels, increasing website traffic etc. You complete a mini-step and then check the appropriate box next to each mini-step. As you check off steps you’ve completed, you’ll graduate to the next milestone. YouĂ­ll be an AdSense Astronaut in no time (but you will need time).FeaturesIt doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a newbie, it’s useful to both. I tried it and found that i was not using the channels properly. Now, it’s your turn to try and share. And don’t forget to tell us if you’re an Adsense Astronaut.Link : Google Adsense Academy


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