Create a Google Plus Badge for Your Blog

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After launch of pages on Google Plus, many blog owners have started to create a page on Google Plus to increase their readers.But creating the page does not make your current blog readers aware about the page. For this, you can write a post about your Google Plus Page or create a logo/badge for your blog to display anywhere on the blog.Google Plus allows you to create a badge for your page. This feature is still under testing, so only available under Google+ Developer Platform.To create a badge, visit this badge preview link and enter your Page ID. The page id can be found in your page link which is a long numerical number : Copy it and paste in the field provided.Google Plus Badge for WebsitesNow, select the style of your badge. Copy the generated code and paste it in your blog, either in sidebars or posts, wherever you want it to be noticed. You can also select icons instead of badges from the same page.So, that’s it. You have your own Google+ badge for your blog page. Use it to let your blog readers add your page and also increase your following.


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