6 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Freaks

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It is the 21st century and social media is a big part of our lives. You never want to miss your friend’s updates do you? or new photos of family. You should definitely know about the best Google Chrome Extentions to improve your experience in the social media world.

Google Chrome is the most used browser and it’s much better than others, so if you’re using it as well, the following plugins will boost your social networking experience.
This is the most feature packed Google Chrome app for Facebook addicts. It helped me to fix problems which I had with latest features from Facebook. Best features :

Get the Extension here.
For everybody who likes to pin photos to Pinterest and who wants the easiest way to do that, this is the right plugin for you.
Get the extension here.
It’s the best app for Twitter addicts and don’t want to miss any tweet. Its notifies when you when someone tweets whom you’re following.
Get the extension here.
YouTube feed will notify you when there’s a new YouTube video uploaded to one of the channels to which you’re subscribed. It shows how many newest videos you haven’t watched and when you click on it you get a small list of latest videos.
Get the extension here.
Google+ is a famous social networking website with well known feature known as Hangouts. You can hangout with your friends with video or text messages and also you can do video conferences with as many friends as you want. The Hangouts app showed the list of my circles and anytime I wanted to message somebody I just hover and click on it. Message will be typed then. Google Hangout has been made easier with this app. Get it here.

Buffer is a free plugin which can help you manage your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn updates. You can also schedule your posts to any of these networks. It’s very easy to use and it can also track how many click there were on the updates. It’s one of the best apps to manage social media accounts.. Get the extension here.

This is where you complete reading about best Google Chrome extenstions. You can tell us which are you favourite extensions for social media by commenting below. Don’t forget to share!. Winking smile
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